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Green Lantern Group brings community solar to selected communities in Vermont. We locate sites, obtain permits and financing, and manage the construction, operation and maintenance of the arrays. Homeowners, renters, businesses, local government, and nonprofits can participate in community solar projects -saving money while contributing to the ongoing transition to safe, clean, locally based forms of renewable energy.

What is a Community Solar Array?

A Community Solar Array (CSA) serves multiple customers, each of which owns a portion of the tax and solar net metering benefits generated by the solar array This portion is denominated in Watts. CSAs are often located in or near the community they primarily serve, and typically have enough panels to supply power for between 50 and 100 homes or the equivalent. While the panel-owners own a share of the solar panels total output, Green Lantern Group owns the array's supporting equipment, such as steel posts and racks, inverters, and transformers, and takes care of management and technical issues. Because of how Vermont's net metering legislation is written, a CSA panel owner need only be in the same utility territory as the CSA, not the same local area, so it's possible for a household located in for example Bennington to own and enjoy the benefits of a CSA in Guilford, since they are both located in Green Mountain Power's service territory.

Benefits of Green Lantern CSAs:

- You'll save money on your electric bill for 25 years or more.
- You'll participate in Vermont's transition to a clean energy economy
- You'll support local investment, jobs, and tax revenues based on locally available resources
- AND, Green Lantern offers among the most affordable CSAs in Vermont


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How Does it Work?

Step 1: Fill out the inquiry form below.
Step 2: We'll evaluate your home's or business's net-metering potential and send you a proposal including a firm price offer and confirmation of the availability of a specific CSA.
Step 3: You decide what level of savings you want.
Step 4: Sign your Customer Solar Agreement and make a down payment to reserve your panels.
Step 5: When our permit is issued, all panel purchase payments will be due in full.
Step 6: When all purchases have been paid for, construction will begin.
Step 7: When construction is complete and the array commissioned, sit back and SAVE!

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