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 LGenerate long term revenue



"Our family has farmed on our land in Cambridge for generations. Our farm and the land, in many respects, defines who we are as a family. The leases we now have with Green Lantern have helped us maintain our 500 acres and pay the property taxes. We're proud to tell people that the projects on our farm go to benefit Mount Mansfield Union High School and Smuggler's Notch resort. Green Lantern is a great company. As the project was being developed they paid attention to our concerns. The construction team was professional and attentive as they solved some complex interconnection issues with the utility and site work issues on our land. We've had just a few issues now that the project is up and running, but those issues have been resolved quickly. We definitely would highly recommend Green Lantern.

- Richard Westman, Senator, Vermont Farmland Owner


Earn revenue, lease land for solar with Green Lantern Solar

Generate long term revenue

Green lantern solar, lease your land for solar

Support your local economy

land lease for solar, green lantern solar

Save on utility bills

solar for landowners, green lantern solar

Reduce your carbon footprint

solar land lease earn money, green lantern solar

Create energy independence

Green Lantern Solar is a local Vermont based company that provides complete end-to-end solar solutions to schools, towns, businesses & health care.  We take care of every detail so you can take advantage of all of the benefits hassle free. With 100 solar projects generating over 55 MW of solar power, Green Lantern Solar is a leading provider of Solar.


Business - Green Lantern Solar solutions for "Americas Family Resort."  2 - 500kW arrays produce 2 MWH...


This 150kW array is located on a private lot in Johson, VT. This array provides the land owner with an income stream from the land lease payments while also offsetting the electric bills for...

Business - 3 - 500kW arrays make up this portfolio, providing Cabot with over 2.6MW of power annually.

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