With over 70 solar projects operating, generating 45MW of electricity and representing over $100 million in total investment, we are Commercial Solar experts!


Green Lantern Solar of Waterbury, Vermont is a full-service renewable energy company

with a particular focus on commercial-scale solar. We develop, finance, construct and operate projects for a variety of institutional customers that include: schools, municipalities, hospitals, local and state government entities, non-profits, commercial & industrial companies, private businesses, resorts & hotels, and large real estate properties. We have created a financing solution that allows all customers to participate in solar and receive guaranteed utility savings, without any up-front investment.

We are proud to be an industry leader helping create a thriving clean energy economy. We work with flexible investors and lenders to finance projects. We engage best-in-class consultants and engineering partners to deliver turn-key projects. We use local, VT-based sub-contractors for all construction and installation. We deliver meaningful savings to customers and property tax revenue to towns across the State.  In addition to our portfolio of operating projects, we  have another 20 MW of solar capacity in development around Vermont. 


As a team, we understand the financial considerations that impact large electricity consumers. Utility expenditures are a significant expense. We develop high-quality solar projects at the lowest capital cost possible, so that we may deliver maximum savings to group net metered customers over the useful lives of the projects. We achieve this through strategic value-engineering, and by leveraging federal and state tax credits as part of the financing structure.


If you are a large energy user and you want a zero-cost, guaranteed-savings solar solution, please contact us!

This 500kW solar array is located on local farmland in Benson, Vermont.  A one of a kind, elevated array, it provides Cabot/Agrimark with...


Green Lantern Solar's Services:

The entire team at Green Lantern is experienced at building and managing companies, and developing complex projects. Throughout our careers as owners, principals and managers in the energy, manufacturing, construction, real-estate and technology sectors, Green Lantern and its team has learned many lessons. When developing complicated projects and exploring multiple options for ownership and financing, the path to success is rarely a straight line. Green Lantern takes an honest and collaborative approach to all engagements, and leverages great perseverance and commitment to success to make projects happen. 

The Green Lantern financing team consistently brings innovation and value to our customers and investors. We pioneered the zero-cost, guaranteed utility savings program for public-sector and C&I customers in Vermont, and structured the first tax-equity financing transactions in this market. One of our early transactions was recognized as a "Small Market Project of the year" by Novogradac. Since inception in 2011, Green Lantern has delivered more than $75 million to Vermont's clean energy economy, millions in utility savings to customers, and healthy returns to investors and lenders. Our financing efforts have their origins in a broader mission to deploy mission-driven capital in clean energy projects that feature high-impact social and environmental benefits.

Green Lantern's Engineering, Procurement and Construction Division (EPC) allows us to provide extremely efficient, high-value, turn-key solutions to our customers and investors. With development, financing, EPC and Asset Management all in-house, we are able to optimize work quality, cost and project cycle times.Our team has decades of experience in commercial construction, energy and supply-chain management. As a result, we consistently  come in under budget and ahead of schedule, all while maintaining industry-leading standards for workmanship and system reliability. This translates into exceptional value for our customers and investors. 

At Green Lantern we have dedicated personnel who provide comprehensive operations, maintenance and asset management services. Our operations team performs 24/7/365 system monitoring, emergency response/repair, and annual/regular maintenance regimens. Our asset management team manages contracts, billing, utility relations, annual reporting and is the liaison for investors/lenders and customers. Our experienced team has a deep understanding of how the projects/systems, contracts, and financing structures all work together to optimize returns to lenders and investors, and to deliver maximum savings to customers